The Visionary Leaders Annual Summit

GE7 is a global platform primarily dedicated to the promotion of the Sustainable development goals with a focus on the factors challenging economic growth, human capital and peace. This year, the GE7 intiative takes us to Washington DC, a day prior to the US Africa Business Leaders Summit. "Africa Fast Forward: Building a Pathway to an Emerging continent" is therefore a special edition designed to celebrate the resilience of the African Continent by bringing together some of its most visionary leaders. The event will open with an exclusive Awards dinner and will follow with a business forum. All parts of the continent will be represented and very high profile leaders are expected. It's time to rethink Africa. Our ambition is to change the narrative without ignoring the realities of the continent. Find out about smart cities, digital modernization, financial inclusion and sustainable infrastructures and so much more happening on the continent. Who are the most visionary heads of states? What are the best public private partnerships. Join us! RSVP.

Washington DC, December 11th, 2022


The Visionary Leaders Annual Summit 2022

< Africa Fast Forward: Building a Pathway to an Emerging continent >

Revealing the emerging power and opportunities of Africa


Collective action remains the best way of renewing the march towards the great trinity of liberty, equality, and solidarity.
Guy Standing

The Visionary Leaders Annual Summit will convey in Washington DC with inspiring leaders from all over the world in order to debate on key challenges to sustainable development.
In honor of the Us Africa Leaders Summit, the theme of this year's edition is "Africa Fast Forward: Building a Pathway to an Emerging continent". Our objective is to help improve the narrative on Africa by showcasing the contribution of the continent in finding solutions to world challenges.
The objective of this unprecedented gathering is to change the narrative on Africa and demonstrate, through well advanced initiatives, public-private partnerships and infrastructure projects, that the continent is on an emerging path.
Companies worldwide are seeking opportunities on the continent because of its potential. It's time to rethink Africa through the dynamism of its companies, the vitality of its intellectual elite and the strength of its programs.

The Africa we also want the world to see

Bringing together inspiring leaders from around the world to share their stories with Africa
Highlighting public-private partnerships that are making the difference
Recognizing the contribution of innovative social projects


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