The best social initiatives, most visionary philanthropists and inspiring ambassadors
will be recognized during an unprecedented tribute Awards night.

Africa is doing better because people from all parts of the world have joined forces to bring change. This is an event that aims to galvanize change makers and bring HOPE. By organizing this invitation-only awards diner, we want to highlight those great initiatives and pay tribute to the main actors behind their success. We want to value their work and encourage their efforts.

The Visionary Leaders Annual Summit "Africa Fast Forward: Building a Pathway to an Emerging continent" is a celebration of the resilience of the African continent, the solidarity of its partners and the dynamism of its private sector. Organizations have always mobilized to help fight poverty. Girls who have dropped out of school, displaced refugees, children in places affected by famine… In the Congo, we saw actor Ben Affleck and Whitney Williams fight

so hard so that women victims of rape and war can regain their dignity. They have funded local organizations and thanks to their commitment, Starbucks buys coffee from these producers. Thanks to the arrival of Oprah in South Africa, young girls from very modest backgrounds have had access to an education of excellence, worthy of the greatest schools in America.


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We all know them, the everyday heroes who quietly make the world a better place for all of us.

The Visionary Leaders Awards are your chance to celebrate their achievements.